AYSU FOREIGN TRADE AND CONSTRUCTION, INC., was established as a construction and construction materials company in 1990 by the GÖKSU family in Ankara, Turkey.

AYSU expanded its range of business by adding defense industry and electronics over the following years to meet an increasing demand of domestic and neighboring markets. With a solid foundation as a local construction company, building upon relationships formed a natural bridge to international business.

AYSU soon became the exclusive representative and distributor of many prestigious and well- known American and European construction material brands in Turkey and neighboring countries by providing state-of-the-art products as well as trustworthy after-sales support within the Turkish Construction Industry combined with its successful sales and marketing activities.

AYSU has maintained its position as the #1 preferred choice by many leading companies both in local and international major projects due to its reputation for high quality products and reliable services crowned by years of excellent relations and credibility. The corporate goal is to continuously aim to diversify and increase product range by selling imported high quality products from worldwide brands to corporate and individual clients through authorized dealers throughout the country.

The product range includes latest technology construction and insulation materials, electronic equipment, advanced defense industry products, security systems and High- Tech steel goods.

In 1994, AYSU and AES PRODATA (Belgium) JV joined to work with the Ankara Municipality initialing the fully modern present-day EGO Electronic Fare Collection system. After the completion of the entire installation, AYSU successfully provided continual Maintenance and Repair services for two decades from 1995 to 2015 - a landmark example in Turkey.

Reacting to the dramatic national market shift caused by a fast rise of Far East production in the construction materials industry and a seeming dependence upon inexpensive cost-based competitive pricing, AYSU proactively determined the opportunity to be prime to further expand into the sectors of fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials, which are the main inputs of agricultural production.

As a result, in 1996 AYSU was appointed as the Official Exclusive Representative of the Tunisian State-owned Phosphate and Phosphate-based chemical fertilizer producers GROUPE CHIMIQUE TUNISIEN (GCT) and COMPAGNIE des PHOSPATES de GAFSA (CPG).

Through this exclusive national appointment, for over twenty years AYSU consistently supplies a large portion of all esteemed parties’ raw materials and chemical fertilizer demands in the Turkish Agricultural Industry by maintaining a significant market share on Imported Phosphate-based fertilizers.

In addition to Phosphate-based fertilizers, AYSU also offers Nitrogen-based fertilizers as a part of an increasing range of products as a representative and an importer.

In order to perfect services and success achieved in the field of chemical fertilizers, corporate ideals provide motivation. Extensive planning, research and development clearly indicate to diversify activities leading toward new investments in the fertilizer industry.

As a company established in Ankara and currently continuing business in Istanbul, AYSU is proud to serve Turkish Agriculture and esteemed Farmers with the principles of high quality, a competitive price policy in order to fulfill their demands of raw materials, and a wide spectrum of fertilizers - all of which can be found within the PRODUCTS tab on our website.